Sea TV offers fun family programming covering oceans and aquatic life from around the world. We bring to your living room many of the oceans most majestic and often little understood, marine life.

SEA TV in association with some of the largest boating and yachting manufacturers in the world, brings you exclusive boat related programming. Our programming makes it clear, boating is not just for the rich and elite anymore.

SEA TV covers beach, ocean and water related sports all across the country. We bring you the best in watersport news, information and events.


Our travel show takes you to some of the best vacation getaways in the world. You deserve a vacation and SEA TV takes you there, giving you all the needed facts, tips and hotspots across the globe so that you stay in the know.

Our Hotel and Resort program brings some of the finest hotels along the coastlines. From serene ocean view locations to prestigious waterfront resorts, we take you inside so that you can enjoy a vacation getaway, right from your home.

Sea TV Network's real life documentary program dramatizing the great perils of sea rescue and the courageous people who risk their very lives in pursuit of their noble duty - to respond to the call of distress . . . MAYDAY! MAYDAY!


SEA TV brings you our celebrated program 'Sea-Esta Fiesta' with Chef Andy. Sea-Esta Fiesta shows you step by step how to create marvelous sea food dishes in under 10 minutes. Also Be sure to check out Chef Andy's recipes on this website.

SEA TV's 1st priority is preserving our worlds oceans and waterways. We work with many of the environmental associations all over the planet in an effort to care for our worlds purest and most precious resource...water and the ocean.

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Sea TV Network's new, bold series coming soon to your screen!